Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Christmas Solo Show at Thomas Kemp

My other Christmas Solo Show is gonna be on soon. And we gonna heve privateview this time on 4th Nov from 15:00 so please come and spend Sunday afternoon together! There is few new works for this show:)
5th Nov to 6th Jan 2008
Christmas Solo Exhibition at Thomas Kemp (formally Polar East)
8 St.Georges Road, Kemp Town
Brighton England

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Exhibition at Galeria Espaço Sem Nome, Brazil

Group exhibition at Galeria Espaço Sem Nome in Olinda, Brazil has started!

南米ブラジルのオリンダという都市にある画廊、Espaço Sem Nome (ポルトガル語で「名前の無い空間」という意味)にてグループ展が始まりました!

Galeria Espaço Sem Nome;

画廊、Espaço Sem Nome の外観↓

Exhibition posters;


How the exhibition looks;
my works...

Other artists works....

Detail of my works.....
They are all oil paintings with embroidery on canvas.

“Party Girl” – 23 x 31 cm – 2007

“Parakeet” - 20 x 20 cm – 2007

“Some Girl” – 20 x 20 cm – 2006

“Truth” – 13 x 18 cm – 2007

“True Love” – 20 x 20 cm – 2006

“ Dreamer” - 13 x 18 cm – 2007

“Sky Blue” –20 x 20 cm - 2006

“Black Eye Yellow" – 28 x 28 cm – 2006

“Butterfly (S.American)” – 20 x 20 cm – 2006

“The Girl” - 13 x 18 cm – 2006

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Temporary store now open!

Temporary store is now open here till I am gonna officially have a store page on my website. (still working on it!)
It's easy to order; Pay by sending a cheque (Paypall will be available soon!) for the appropriate price. Postage is £1/set for UK delivery. Please ask about international postage. Email yukisnowart@gmail.com with your mailing address, what you want to order and wait for your shopping!
Turnaround is very quick, normally 1-5 days on average for UK delivery.
私のウェブサイトのstore pageが正式に開店するまでの間、こちらのブログで仮設のstoreがオープンです。
オーダー方法はいたって簡単! 小切手にお支払いになる金額を送料込みで記入していただき、郵送していただくだけ。(ペイパルでの支払いももうすぐ可能になる予定です!是非お問い合わせください。)
そしてyukisnowart@gmail.com に何をオーダーしたいかとお客様の住所を送っていただき、商品が届くのを待つだけです。

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Starts tomorrow, Nia Christmas Show.

My next Solo show starts tomorrow at Nia Soreham-by-sea. There is few new works as well please come along!

私の次の個展が明日Shoreham-by seaのNiaにて始まります。新しい作品も数点展示されているので是非お越しください。

Thursday, 4 October 2007

'The Ghost of a Thousand' and tattoo design.

Back in last year, I did design a logo for the band from Brighton 'The Ghost of a Thousand' and it's on back of their first album cover;

去年にさかのぼりますが、The Ghost of a Thousandというイギリスのバンドのロゴのデザインをしました。ファーストアルバムのバックカバーに載っています。


*I only did a logo design, not art works!!!*


And amazingly the main vocal of the band Tom now has this logo tattooed on his leg:) So this is my first band logo design piece as well as first tattoo design piece:) I am pleased.




The Ghost of a Thousand

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Saatchi Gallery

My profile and art works are on Saatchi Gallery website. Now you can also purchase my paintings on that website as well.

go to; saatchi gallery your gallery



リンク→ saatchi gallery your gallery