Monday, 14 September 2009

'Tokyo Scum Brigade'

There is article about the show in Tokyo 'Girls - Vol 2' on Tokyo Scum Brigade.
They said 'My personal favorite of the 3 was Yuki Snow. The way she stitched yarn into her paintings really made them pop off the canvas when viewed in person.' Wow, thank you:)

Yes, my painting with embroidery is better to see in person so that you can see which bit is painted and with bit is embroidered.

It's good to get some feedbacks :)


  1. Wow, Yuki, I feel famous! We'll be looking forward to your next show here in Tokyo.

    PS That print from a few posts back is so rad!

  2. Hey thank you! Yes it would be great to have show in Japan again! Just wondering... are you Japanese?...
    That print is available in Galeria de Muerte and my website if you are interested...

    thank you!! :)